About the Dune Restaurant

Mielno is an intimate place, since January 2017 a seaside town full of charm and potential. We try to discover the richness of the Baltic Sea and nearby coastal forests through our cuisine. We rely on fresh products from local suppliers, enriched if needed by the export ones from Berlin Frisch Paradise. We present the seasons on the plates, which are different and severe in their nature. Our goal invariably is the highest quality of all positions of the menu.
We do not use products with chemical improvers, deep-frozen and others that cover up the taste of real cuisine. We use traditional methods such as marinating, pickling, fermenting or smoking. We try to extract from the dishes the essence of their real taste and smell. On the other hand, we do not distance from modern techniques: sous vide, work on liquid nitrogen and other methods of processing.



Our cuisine changes same as the seasons change. In the summer we serve light and refreshing cuisine, ideal for hot, vacation days. During the autumn and winter we prepare for you warming essential dishes, which are the perfect ending of a long walk by the seaside beach. Our menu is complemented by new seasonal products that appear with the changing seasons. The taste of all the dishes perfectly complements a glass of carefully selected wine, which is available in the wine list.


By many considered as an integral part of the meal. Wine builds a good feeling and what is equally important complements the taste of dishes. All wines and champagnes available in the wine list are carefully selected by our sommelier. You can find the classic European vineyards of Alsace, Burgundy and Bordeaux as well as more modern varieties from the New World.


Especially noteworthy here is coffee roasted in Italian style. One hundred percent Arabica with a touch of chocolate and orange, full and creamy with low acidity, loved by everyone. The moments spent with a cup of coffee in hand with a sea view in front is a time of true relaxation.


ul. Pionierów 18
76-032 Mielno


Monday – Sunday


12:00 – 22:00


12:00 – until the last guest